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While the following list is not an exhaustive list of all of our LOUs (Letters of Understanding AKA Letters of Agreement AKA Side Letters), we hope that having these posted here can be a reference for OFNHP members as well as the parties to the contract.

(2023RN003) RN Fellowship - External Candidates
Provides clarity on use of terms "internship," "fellowship," and "residency." Also provides opportunity to fill fellowship positions externally if no internal candidates. 

(2023RN001) WMC OR RNFA Incentive Extn

(2022RN011) Wound Care DT Incentive Extension

(2022RN010) Temporary Regional Advice Extra Shift Incentive

(2022RN009) Temp Inpatient Incentive RN Tech

(2022RN007) OR Internship Expectations

(2022OFNHP01) FLU/COVID Vaccination Clinic Shifts

(2020RN03) Online and COVID Continuing Education Issues

(2019RN08) Scheduling of Extra Shifts for Regional Advice Nurses

(2019RN06) Hospice RN After Hours Staffing

(2019RN04) CVOR Standby Pay

(2015RN14) Regular Day Off Scheduling

(2015RN12) CVPR and CVL Requirements

(2015RN10) Consecutive Day Pay - Contiguous Days

(2015RN09) Tanasbourne Call Center Move Agreement
Issue Resolution agreement for the Call Center/OB/GYN Call Center & Mental Health Triage move to the new Tanasbourne Call center in Hillsboro

(2015RN08) Telecommuting Night Shift Incentive

(2015RN07) RN Internship Program
Global Template RN Internship Programs.

(2015RN06) Dermatology Nurses-Certification Incentive
Dermatology Nurses receive financial incentive for acquiring and maintaining the OP Dermatology RN Certification.

(2015RN05) Oncology Nurse Navigators; Calculations of OT
Oncology Nurse Navigators be paid OT for  anything over 40 hours a week instead of daily

(2015RN04) UCC Holiday Staffing
Standardized RN holiday scheduling between all UCC sites.

(2015RN03) Allergy Move 2015
March 2015 Allergy RN's moved from EIN and LVK to Tualatin and Orchards. Mileage and attendance policy allowances are made.

(2015RN02) Telecommuting Agreement
Work from home agreement for Regional Advice RN's

(2015RN01) Ambulatory RNs Dual License Ambulatory RNs in the Northwest Region will be required to obtain a dual license in (Washington and Oregon) by June 1,2015.

(2015OFNHP01) Arbitrator Selection
Changes to the Arbitrator Selection process in the Grievance articles due to retirements and unavailabilities of third-party arbitrators.

(2014RN03) KSMC Surgical Preparation (SPA) and Post Anesthesia Care Unit(PACU)Transition  Enhance the teamwork and coordination between SPA and PACU so that qualified nurses may care for Patients and assist each other in both areas.

(2014RN02) Ambulatory RNs in NW Region Required to Obtain Dual License
All Ambulatory RNs in the Northwest Region will be required to obtain dual license (Washington and Oregon) by February 27, 2015.

(2014RN01) Accretion of Certified Wound/Ostomy/Continence Nurse (CWOCN)
Covers the conversion of benefits from the non-union salaried benefit plan into OFNHP RN benefit plan.

(2014CKPU03) CKPU Ebola agreement
Ebola preparedness training, staffing, communication, and occupational exposure policy

(2013RN05) Standby in Surgical Services KSMC PACU
Establishes process KP will follow to backfill the night shift and cancel standby. The agreement sunsets October 1, 2015.

(2013OFNHP01) Bilingual Pay Differential
Establishes an hourly differential for any OFNHP bargaining unit member hired under a job code requiring fluency in a second language and qualified bilingual staff 2 certification.

(2011RN04) Hillsboro Neighborhood Medical Office
Agrees to testing duties for phlebotomists, RNs, LPNs, and MAs at Hillsboro Neighborhood Medical Office, pending annual review.

(2013RN04) Staff Volunteer Participation in Silent Monitoring (Nice QA)
Volunteers will be requested from staff to do the QA on RAN calls monthly.

(2013RN03) Clinical Informatics Specialist Position
Accrete the Clinical informatics specialist position to the OFNHP Registered Nurse Bargaining Unit.

(2013RN02) New Graduate RN Transition to Practice for Inpatient Clinical Care Services
Agree to accrete the Clinical informatics Specialist Position to the OFNHP- Nursing Bargaining Unit.

(2013RN01) Seniority Calculations
Registered Nurses working in bargaining units covered by ONA-Kaiser Agreement may bid on open positions covered by OFNHP-Kaiser Agreement.

(2012RN01) Operating Room Registered Nurse Internship
Provide selected RNs with an opportunity to participate in a clinical immersion internship.

(2011RN03) Training Internship Programs at SMC
Establishes process for RN Training Internship Programs to address staff needs in OR, ED and VAT at KSMC.

(2011RN02) Silent Monitoring Out-patient RNs
Allows for Silent Monitoring or taping of Outpatient RN's and LPN's for Quality Assurance purposes.

(2011RN01) RAN One-Way Trades
Parameters of one-way shift trades for RNs at Regional Call Center.

(2010RN03) RIF Notice Primary Care
Notice of Reduction in Force Primary Care RNs.

(2010RN02) CVICU Self-Scheduling Process
Rescinds LOU request for CVICU Self-Scheduling Process.

(2010RN01) RN Silent Monitoring
Addresses issues affecting Primary Care RNs raised by the reduction in Urgent Care Clinic hours and the implementation of extended hours. Includes training, shift differential lump sum, Team Leader issues, and schedule change process.

(2010OFNHP01) Change to Standardized Hours Bargaining Agreement
This agreement addressed the impact of management's unilateral decision to implement a move to standardized hours in Primary Care at all clinics.

(2009RN05) Agreement CCS Travel Time
Resolves issue re travel time between home and work places for Home Health, Hospice and Home Infusion programs in Continuing Care.

(2009RN04) Urgent Care and Extended Hours Changes
All outpatient RN schedules will be held for one week.

(2009RN03) On-Call and Float Availability for Brookside Residential Treatment Facility
Establishes requirements for On-call and Float Availability for Brookside Residential Treatment Facility.

(2009RN02) Registered Nurse Overtime Limitations
In order to reduce RN fatigue, limits time worked (productive) to 12.5 hours in a 24 hour period and 110 hours (productive and non-productive) in a pay period.

(2009RN01) Accretion Agreement High Risk OB-GYN Case Managers
Incorporates the high risk OB/GYN RN Case Manager classification into representation by OFNHP

(2009CKPU01) Rapid Response Engagement Team - 72 Hour Notices
Settles Coalition ULP, provides for process for notification of workplace actions and engagement of Rapid Response Team.

(2008RN10) Rest Breaks and Meal Periods
Authorizes management to allow combined rest breaks and meal periods.

(2008RN09) RAN 20 Hour Coded Float Positions
Replaces language in OFNHP Contract Article 10 E for RAN 20 hour coded float positions.

(2008RN08) Overtime Calculation for Coordinator Hospice-Palliative Care
For Hospice and Palliative Care RNs, overtime is only paid above 40 hours in the week. These RNs may flex their daily schedules based on hours worked in the week and needs of patients.

(2008RN07) Wage Step Adjustments (Steps 10 and 11)
Process for correcting mistaken step placements for RNs that should have been on steps for 16 or 20 years of experience.

(2008RN06) Clinical Optimization Consultant Position
Accretion Agreement for the Clinical Optimization Consultant Position. Waives certain overtime and scheduling rules.

(2008RN05) Revised Float Pool Agreement
Revises Inpatient RN Float pool agreement (RN Article 10.E) - revises required availability, eliminates ability for management to remove coding from RNs, establishes process for requesting shifts and time-off.

(2008RN04) Annual Certification Monies
Clarifies that the certification fund component of the RN education fund is funded at $20,000.

(2008RN03) Flex Team Differential Overtime Proposal
Establishes overtime and other compensation (e.g. keeping differentials from regular position, etc.).

(2008RN02) Workweek definition-FLSA Compliance
Defines the start of the work week for FLSA compliance purposes. The second LOU that states that KP will bargain to keep employees whole if changes reduce compensation is missing.

(2008RN01) RN Hiring
Addresses problems in RN hiring: establishes requirements for RN positions, training programs to allow career mobility, unit shuffles to allocates positions within units prior to regional postings.

(2008OFNHP03) Washington Rest and Meal Period Combination
Implements flexibility under Washington law to allow for the combination of meal and rest periods.

(2007RN03) Weekend Shift Differential in Surgical Services Arena KSMC
Employees in the Surgical Services Arena represented by OFNHP who work "weekend only" positions shall receive a 27% differential in addition to their regular base hourly rate of pay.

(2007RN02) Pilot for Leave Replacement RAN
Temporary agreement for covering leave and/or any other opening for RAN

(2007RN01) MOHS Saturday Work
Allows for differential for RN's working Saturday in MOHS.

(2007OFNHP01) Oregon Rest and Meal Period Combination
Implements flexibility under Oregon law to allow for the combination of meal and rest periods.

(2006RN08) Allowing Trades Resulting in Consecutive Shifts
Allows that trades resulting in consecutive shifts may be permitted, but without driving overtime/premium pay

(2006RN04) 7/70 Vacation LOU
Modifies agreement to make a single vacation accrual / holiday pay for inpatient nurses at KSMC and the Regional Call Center.

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