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Charge nurses!

We have a new tool for you to initiate rapid enforcement of our 2014 staffing agreement.

Use it when you are:

a) short CNAs

b) forced as Charge RN to take patient assignment


c) not staffed to acuity.

It’s just a quick minute from your phone or other device.

Bookmark this link on your phone!


In 2023, our union, alongside a coalition of partners including SEIU, AFSCME and ONA, won a historic piece of legislation meant to address systemic short staffing in Oregon Hospitals. The new bill addressed primarily Inpatient RNs, Techs, and Pros in our hospitals, which affected our members working in both Kaiser Sunnyside and Westside Medical Center, St. Charles Medical Center, and PeaceHealth Sacred Heart. As we transition into a world where ratios and other provisions are implemented, we will need to educate our members about their rights and what they should do if their staffing ratios


As a member-run union, direct democracy is a centerpiece of how our organization functions. Across our organization, most leadership positions are assigned according to elections where union members vote who they want to represent and empower them in their worksites. These include everything from our union's President to stewards, and there are many positions in between.

Many elections are handled at the shop-floor level, which means that, with our support, many positions, such as Committee placements and other very specific roles, can be conducted on your own. You can run the election process