Become a Steward

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Stewards are elected by their workgroups in a vote of confidence for a three-year term ending September 2022.
To become a representational steward or to be re-elected as a representational steward, you will need to follow these steps.
  • Sign the steward pledge.
  • Collect signatures of OFNHP members in your workgroup on the nomination petition.
  • Return forms to the office by the 7th of the month (email to or fax to 503-657-7456). OFNHP will conduct a vote of confidence election for you a week later.
  • New stewards will need to sign up for basic steward training (Kaiser classes | PeaceHealth classes)
  • Stewards who’ve already taken the basic class will need to take at least two additional steward training workshops every three years to remain active.