Big win on consecutive day pay grievance!

You may be eligible for additional back pay as a result of a settlement of grievances between your union and Kaiser regarding the proper pay of consecutive day premiums.
Consecutive days will be counted in “contiguous, calendar based order” under the agreement. While people will not be paid multiple premiums for any particular hours, having been paid premiums for hours worked earlier in the week do not discount you from premiums paid for later consecutive days.


Your contract. Your vote!

During national bargaining this year we came together as a union across our bargaining units and in every worksite to show our commitment to protecting good jobs and quality care at Kaiser.

You have the opportunity to vote on the new terms of the agreement at events from June 20th-July 24th. Read more for ratification voting times and locations.


Bargaining 2015

Want to know how to get involved to win a fair contract this year?

Check our Contract 2015 page for updates on bargaining and ways to take action.


Who is the Coalition?

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, AFL-CIO, is a federation of 28 union locals representing more than 100,000 Kaiser Permanente employees. Since 1997, the Coalition has worked with Kaiser Permanente in the largest and longest-lasting labor management partnership in the United States to help provide affordable, high-quality care and service to KP members while ensuring industry-leading pay, benefits and working conditions for our union members. Learn more about how we got here.


2015 Union Delegates Conference

The highlight of the second day of the 2015 Union Delegate Conference was a hands-on exercise in design and innovation—an exercise that helped demystify innovation by showing one of the key ingredients is careful listening.