Hate incidents increase post-election, campuses targeted

Swastikas scrawled across dormitory walls. Bullies pulling off a Muslim student's hijab. Latino students singled out with chants about building a wall. Racist messages to black students about daily lynchings, and fliers with messages like "Why white women shouldn't date black men." Women taunted about sexual assault.


Specialty Care Labor Partner Election

Ballots have been emailed to your personal email address. If you do not have a personal email address on file or have not received a link to your ballot, please call the OFNHP office at 503.657.9974 or email itsmyunion@ofnhp.org.


Nurses Honored in 2016 Pinning Ceremony

On Tuesday, October 25th, Ambulatory Nursing & Optimization presented 14 Ambulatory Care Nurses and 1 Nurse Practitioner with the prestigious National Nursing Pin.
The Pin was designed by the National Nursing Leadership Council to reward and recognize Kaiser nurses who demonstrate professionalism and Kaiser Permanente Nursing Values.


Inpatient RNs: Planning to retire this year?

Planning ahead for the higher census winter months, OFNHP has reached an agreement with Kaiser on a $1000 retirement notice incentive. Our goal is to minimize the impact of this year's retirements on our units. Providing advanced notice will help our coworkers and our patients by allowing more time for our units to prepare for the transition.

If you are an RN employed at KSMC or KWMC and you are planning to retire on or before December 31, 2016, you are eligible for the new RN Retirement Notice Incentive.


Become a Steward

Interested in becoming an OFNHP steward?

Here's what's new:

Representational stewards will now be elected by their workgroups in a vote of confidence for a three-year term ending September 2019.

To become a representational steward or to be reelected as a representational steward, you will need to follow these steps.