OFNHP Welcomes New Staff Director Lynn-Marie Crider

Lynn-Marie comes to OFNHP with many years of experience in the labor movement and in heath care policy. When asked about why she chose to join the OFNHP team, Lynn-Marie responded, "Working for the members of OFNHP allows me to pursue my two greatest passions—Making quality health care available to everyone is our community and growing the power and voice of workers so they can do work they are proud of and be compensated fairly for it."


OFNHP Responds to Violations of Safe Staffing Agreement

Since the implementation of the  Staffing Agreement, we have been working with too few staff and too many missed breaks.

Now we are being told to get our breaks we must ‘partner’ for breaks.  Our staffing agreement is clear, we should have break nurses to help   cover breaks and keep safe patient ratios. It is unacceptable for Kaiser NW to force RNs to take up to double the safe staffing ratio of patients in order the have a rest break. 

Enough is enough! It is time to take action together to advocate for our patients and ourselves.  As a first step, we sent a letter to Gary Peterson making clear that Kaiser must live up to its agreement, “We will not rest until Kaiser employs enough resource RNs to comply with the staffing agreement”.