OFNHP Update

  • OFNHP staffing campaigns heat up across the region!
  • Kaiser news: Andrew McCulloch to step down as president
  • Labor news: Workers celebrate defeat of Trump Labor Secretary nominee
  • Good Read: Obamacare provision that saved thousands from bankruptcy


Become a Steward

Representational stewards are elected by their workgroups in a vote of confidence for a three-year term ending September 2019.
To become a representational steward or to be re-elected as a representational steward, you will need to follow these steps.

Trump's pick for labor secretary is huge disappointment

By picking Andrew Puzder to be secretary of labor, President-elect Donald Trump makes a mockery of his repeated promises to stand up for the little guy, to fight for working families, to create good jobs and a booming economy, and he puts the Department of Labor—which was created to help workers—squarely in the hands of the titans of corporate America


Thousands rally nationwide to save Affordable Care Act

On Jan. 15, thousands of people, including great representation from AFT members, rallied in cities across the country to stand up against plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act as well as efforts to privatize Medicare and Medicaid.