Advanced Steward Training

Representational stewards who’ve already taken Nuts & Bolts will need to take an advanced training every year to remain on the steward roster.

Email or call 503-657-9974 to RSVP. Click "more" to review the class schedule.


Become a Steward

Representational stewards are elected by their workgroups in a vote of confidence for a three-year term ending September 2019.
To become a representational steward or to be re-elected as a representational steward, you will need to follow these steps.


Kaiser News: PSP Bonuses Coming 3/17

Congratulations! Because of your hard work, we have met our 2016 Quality, Affordability, Service, and Best Place to Work goals. You should notice the PSP payout on your 3/17 paycheck.


April Solidarity Calendar

  • Sat, April 8: PDX Troublemakers School
  • April 12: Stable Homes Lobby Day
  • April 11, 18: No Cuts to Parks Preschool!
  • Sat, April 22: 6th Annual Healing the Healthcare Blues Festival

OFNHP Update

  • OFNHP News: Action Updates!
  • Kaiser News: PSP Bonuses Coming 3/17
  • Labor News: Lady Liberty Kicks Off #ADayWithoutAWoman
  • Good Read: We Can't Go Back to Life Before the Affordable Care Act
  • Save the Date: OFNHP Membership Meeting

Local View: Repealing ACA puts millions of people, system at risk

No one should have to choose between seeking medical care and paying the rent — and no family should face financial ruin because of an illness or injury.

In my years as a nurse, I have seen what happens to patients who wait too long to see their doctor. Without timely care, their condition worsens and becomes more difficult and more expensive to treat.

In their rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threaten to cut-and-run on Americans, reducing health care access for millions and driving up costs for the rest of us.