Advanced Steward Training

Representational stewards who’ve already taken Nuts & Bolts will need to take an advanced training every year to remain on the steward roster.

Email or call 503-657-9974 to RSVP. Click "more" to review the class schedule.


Become a Steward

Representational stewards are elected by their workgroups in a vote of confidence for a three-year term ending September 2019.
To become a representational steward or to be re-elected as a representational steward, you will need to follow these steps.


Kaiser News: PSP Bonuses Coming 3/17

Congratulations! Because of your hard work, we have met our 2016 Quality, Affordability, Service, and Best Place to Work goals. You should notice the PSP payout on your 3/17 paycheck.


RSVP for 4/3

Monday, April 3, 2017
Meet up and prep: 7:45 am
Unity Action: 8:10 - 8:30 am

► Click here to RSVP!  

We know that safe staffing improves patient outcomes, reduces injuries and medication errors, and lowers costs from unplanned re-admissions.

So on April 3rd, Sunnyside RNs will come together in support of staffing plans that give us the resources we need to give safe care to every patient–every time.


OFNHP Update

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  • Save the Date: OFNHP Membership Meeting

VE Discount

If you used your Kaiser Vision Benefits between February 1, 2016 and April 26, 2016 at Vision Essentials you may have been eligible to receive a larger discount and may now be due a refund of a portion of what you paid.