Grievance Victory at Sunnyside

RNs at Sunnyside hospital scored a big win in January in protecting RN bargaining unit work. Members in three impacted units at SMC will share in a $300,000 settlement reached to satisfy a grievance filed last May after learning that management had hired travelers to work without notifying the union in MSICU, MSPCU, and the Critical Care float pool.


First Total Health Payout Coming Soon

In December, union members in our NW region reached the Total Health Assessment goal that our Coalition of Unions bargained in the last round of negotiations. Total Health is an important part of our strategy to protect our fully paid health care benefits. To achieve the $150 incentive payout, 75% of union members needed to participate in the Total Health Assessment by the end of the year. By December, we reached 81%. That means each OFNHP member will receive a $150 payout on their checks no later than February 28th.


AFT urges vaccinations for children

The AFT has joined with the Obama administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and local leaders, and public health advocates in calling for individuals and parents to vaccinate themselves and their children amid a new outbreak of measles.


Nurses weigh in on the 40-hour workweek debate

Registered nurses Irene Jadge and Janice Stauffer, members of the Danbury (Conn.) Nurses' Union, traveled to Washington, D.C., to speak out against a Republican proposal to redefine who qualifies as a full-time worker under the Affordable Care Act.


OFNHP's 2015 Contract Campaign Summit

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The Contract Campaign Summit will bring together OFNHP member leaders for a training and planning session to ensure the OFNHP Bargaining Councils and Contract Action Teams are ready for bargaining and the contract campaign ahead.


Tech Profile: Optometric Assistants

When most people come in for an exam of any sort with a clinician, they typically have a medical assistant or nurse work with them to get started before the clinician comes into the exam room.  In Optometry we are known as optometric assistants.