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  • Minimum Wage Fights Gain Momentum
  • Spotlight on Staffing: New Inpatient Staffing Law
  • Sticking Together: How Workgroup Unity Can Create Change
  • Contract Enforcement: Outpatient Grievance Goes to Arbitration
  • Kaiser Expands Access to Care in Urgent Care, Optical, and Eugene



Stewards: Boost Your Skills and Build Your Confidence

OFNHP’s steward program upgrades are designed to provide stewards the support you need to deal with issues effectively in your workgroup. The advanced steward training workshop series will explore in-depth the most requested topics for steward training.


Pro-worker crowds rally as court hears 'Friedrichs' case

As the U.S. Supreme Court justices were hearing oral arguments in the case of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association on Jan. 11, a large crowd of workers from across the country, joined by other pro-labor allies, gathered outside the court to urge the justices not to side with the wealthy interests pushing a case aimed at silencing workers' collective voice.


Protect yourself, your family, and patients from the flu today!

A Joint Labor-Management Partnership agreement and Influenza Vaccination/Masking Policy requires all Kaiser Permanente Northwest employees to get an annual flu shot or, if they decline, wear a mask in patient care areas after the mask-on date is announced. The mask-on date will be announced once the flu season has been declared, which could happen at any time.


Former OFNHP President Retires

Kathy Schmidt, critical care float nurse at Sunnyside Medical Center retired on Wednesday, December 30th. Kathy served as OFNHP President from 1981-2001.