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Resources for Oregon's Hospital Staffing Bill

In 2023, our union, alongside a coalition of partners including SEIU, AFSCME and ONA, won a historic piece of legislation meant to address systemic short staffing in Oregon Hospitals. The new bill addressed primarily Inpatient RNs, Techs, and Pros in our hospitals, which affected our members working in both Kaiser Sunnyside and Westside Medical Center, St. Charles Medical Center, and PeaceHealth Sacred Heart. As we transition into a world where ratios and other provisions are implemented, we will need to educate our members about their rights and what they should do if their staffing ratios are being violated in the workplace.

Our committee of staff and member leaders have created a number of materials to help educate our membership about these issues that we can use to answer questions as they arise. We also are moving our members towards the Oregon Health Authority's staffing complaint form for staffing related violations, starting immediately for Inpatient RNs and then expanding to Pros and Techs towards the end of the year. That means that Inpatient RNs should immediately stop using the ADO for staffing related issues and begin using the Oregon Health Authority form instead, and the same will be true of Techs and Pros at the end of 2024 (at which point Inpatient ADOs will be retired). 

Click Here to File a Staffing Complaint with the Oregon Health Authority

You can also learn more about the details of the staffing situation by visiting the OHA staffing informational webpage

Below is a list of different resources meant to educate our membership on the provisions included in our new staffing bill.

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