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Political Education & Action Committee

The members of OFNHP are committed to putting the patient first. We believe that safe staffing, workplace safety, having a voice in healthcare reform, and social justice & workers rights are indispensable to the delivery of quality patient care.

What is PEAC?


2020 Primary Endorsements

Our endorsment process:

OFNHP's Political Education and Action Committee went through a process this summer to evaluate how local candidates for office stack up on the issues that matter most to us–like healthcare and collective bargaining rights for working people. We submitted our recommendations for which campaigns to support in the primary election to the OFNHP Executive Board.

Washington endorsements:

State Senate

  • Daniel Smith, LD 17
  • Rick Bell, LD 18

State House

  • Tanisha Harris, LD 17 - 1

  • Donna Sinclair, LD 18 - 2

  • Marianna Everson, LD 19 - 1

  • Timothy Zahn, LD 20 - 1

Get involved in PEAC!

If you’re ready to take action for safe staffing, workplace safety, and healthcare for all, OFNHP’s Political Education and Action Committee needs you.

The committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month.