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What is PEAC?

The Political Action and Education Committee – PEAC – is a standing committee of OFNHP in accordance with the OFNHP by-laws (Article 3.3.b). PEAC consists of rank and file members of OFHNP from a variety of bargaining units in both Oregon and Washington. By the OFNHP constitution, the organization's president is an ex officio member but does not direct the actions or endorsements of the committee.  

PEAC is dedicated to identifying and supporting state and local candidates and officeholders in Oregon and Washington who support pro-labor causes and issues. Additionally, we may support ballot measures and legislative bills that advance the labor movement or healthcare professionals' lives and livelihoods. OFNHP makes endorsements and donations to candidates based on their record and positions on healthcare and labor issues without regard to party affiliation.

OFNHP members' dues DO NOT fund PEAC or our campaign contributions. We receive funds for those purposes from voluntary contributions from members and others, which are kept entirely separate from member dues.

Endorsing candidates and ballot measures and making targeted, strategic campaign donations are important parts of defending our members' rights in the workplace and in our communities. These actions help us to be better Patient Defenders by getting supportive people in office and healthcare professional forward laws on the books.

If you're interested in learning more about PEAC, making a contribution, or joining our committee, please email and put "PEAC" in the subject line. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month from 6:00–8:00 pm.

Shawna Ross 
Political Education and Action Committee chair

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