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The frontline healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente are fighting right now to maintain good patient care and working conditions. Safe staffing and the kind of wages and benefits that can retain staff is their top priority as they bargain their new union contract. We are Patient Defenders: we are the front line to ensuring that our community gets the healthcare it needs to stay healthy.

For us to successfully achieve safe staffing and good jobs we need to work together, care providers and community members, in a collective fight to save our care system. When we are able to win great staffing


PeaceHealth Strike FAQ

What is a strike exactly?

When bargaining fails to result in a contract we can be proud of, a strike is our last option where union workers, together, refuse to go to work, shifting the balance of power and showing the employer how essential we are.

When would a strike occur?

A strike can only occur after the contracts have expired, and all of them will expire by September 30th.

How much notice do we have to give to the employer?

Ten days.

How is a strike determined?

Only a vote of the OFNHP membership would determine whether or not we go on strike


This Nurse’s Week, we want to reflect on what the last year has been like for nurses and health professionals. As frontline healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we have lived with the kind of trauma and stress that few will ever have to face. We have seen our patients suffer, our coworkers pushed to the breaking point, and have looked around as communities struggled to stay afloat. Our entire country saw us for the heroes that we are: they cannot do it without us.

While we have been doing the work of saving lives, many of the executives in these hospitals and clinics have raked in


The medical techs, technologists, and therapists at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon have ratified their first union contract!

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we called on Kaiser Permanente to revisit the Performance Sharing Program (PSP) goals bargained under pre-pandemic conditions. Click here to view Kaiser's 2020 Performance Sharing Program goals for our region. 
Since the onset of the pandemic, there have been multiple examples from across the country validating the concerns the Alliance first raised in April.  For the past few weeks, OFNHP and the Alliance of Health Care Unions have pressed on Kaiser and finally reached an agreement on the 2020 PSP goals for the Alliance in the NW region. 
In the

Union leaders say state regulatory body must go back to the drawing board on COVID-19 emergency temporary standard