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Wins Are Stacking Up at PeaceHealth Southwest

In recent weeks, multiple class-action grievances have seen their resolution in favor of OFNHP members at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center!

  • Back-pay awarded for holiday shift differntials for 530 members from the Tech and Service bargaining units.
  • Lab Assistant Team Leads in the Service Unit are being made whole after being denied their Lead differential. 
  • Stewards saw success by persisting on a class-action grievance that Management did not want to payout regarding weekend bonuses. 
  • Members in both Service and Tech Bargaining Units that have been wrongly denied preceptor differential are being made whole after our stewards advanced two more class-action grievances.  

These wins come by stalwart defense of our contract at PeaceHealth by persistent stewards and members! If you believe your pay incentives are wrong or that your contract has been denied, contact a steward immediately to file a grievance and be made whole!

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