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Building Worksite Strength

OFNHP is gearing up for a big year in 2016 focused on building strength in our worksites to so that we have the power to improve our lives at work and protect our patients.

Here are three steps we're taking right now to strengthen our union:

  • New Internal Organizer Assignments: We're taking a team approach to supporting stewards and activists in the workplace. The new Inpatient and Outpatient teams will work together with stewards in their areas to coordinate our efforts strategically and support members effectively across the region. Click here to review our updated Internal Organizer assignments and find your Internal Organizer.
  • Member Leader Conversations: Your Internal Organizer will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks to get your input on our plan to build our strength for the fights ahead and to update you on the recent upgrades to our steward structure and activist network. Look for a call, an email or a visit from your Organizer to set up time for a conversation.
  • New Training and Mentorship: New trainings and mentorship opportunities are on the way so that member leaders have the support you need to deal with issues effectively as they come up. That way management sees our union power in action every day and learns to respond to what we say we need on the job.

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