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Who is my Internal Organizer?

Every worksite has a dedicated Internal Organizer who supports stewards and activists in their union work at that location.

Here's what you should know about recent changes in OFNHP's lineup:

  • New Organizer: Angela MacWhinnie joins as an Internal Organizer after working with OFNHP members on our 2015 contract campaign.
  • Team Approach: There will be two IO teams to coordinate our work strategically and effectively support members across the region.

Inpatient Team:  Ron Neimark and Jocelyn Pitman
Outpatient Team: Sharon Culley and Angela MacWhinnie

  • Geographical Coordination: In most cases, your assigned Internal Organizer is based on your facility.

Click here to find the Internal Organizer for your worksite.

  • Regional Coordination: For members in the departments or business lines listed below, your primary Internal Organizer assigned to coordinate representation and organizing across the region will be:

ASCs: Angela
Dental: Sharon
Inpatient Surgery: Ron
Mental Health: Sharon     
Mother-Baby: Jocelyn
Rehab: Sharon     
Vision: Angela


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