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Member Benefits

1.               As an employee of Kaiser Permanente, Mid-Columbia Medical Center, PeaceHealth, or St. Charles Medical Center (hereinafter, hospital or employer) you are represented for purposes of collective bargaining by the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, Local 5017, AFT, AFL-CIO (hereinafter, OFNHP or Union). Union representation means that OFNHP, on your behalf and with your full and active participation, negotiates and administers a legally binding contract that sets forth your wages, benefits, hours, and working conditions. Because all employees negotiate


Have you had to pay an extra copay for an emergency dental?

Here's the process to get reimbursed.


The AFT is pleased to provide liability protection for claims or charges arising out of the employment activities of a member of a participating local. The Occupational Liability Insurance (OLI) Plan (the Plan) provides AFT members broad protection for legal defense costs and court judgments. Since this is a group plan, it can only be purchased by local affiliates on behalf of their members. Because the coverage protects participating members from a wide range of employment-related issues, including defense of alleged criminal acts, this brochure provides only a summary overview of the


AFT Member Benefits

AFT membership brings with it a wealth of resources and opportunities like the AFT + Member Benefits programs. The resources here will help you communicate with your members about the AFT + programs.

For information about benefits AFT's members-only benefits programs, visit the AFT Member Benefits Website.

Please note - KP Tuition Reimbursement is a separate fund, submitted through the HR Connect website. 

Please review the policy for provisions of eligibility and exceptions.  The Pro Education Comittee does not govern or make any decisions related to the funds requested from NW Tuition. 

The Pro Education benefit is an additional education benefit, outlined in our contract under Article 9.  Full Time Pro employees (1.0 FTE) are given $1,200 per year with a maximum of $1,200 that can roll from one year to the next. Employees working 1.0 FTE to .5 FTE will be provided a prorated education benefit