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Guide to the Pro Ed Fund

Please note - KP Tuition Reimbursement is a separate fund, submitted through the HR Connect website. 

Please review the policy for provisions of eligibility and exceptions.  The Pro Education Comittee does not govern or make any decisions related to the funds requested from NW Tuition. 

The Pro Education benefit is an additional education benefit, outlined in our contract under Article 9.  Full Time Pro employees (1.0 FTE) are given $1,200 per year with a maximum of $1,200 that can roll from one year to the next. Employees working 1.0 FTE to .5 FTE will be provided a prorated education benefit based on FTE status. 

OFNHP Pro Education Leave: The contract also identifies leave time, which does not come out of accrued PTO or sick leave. Please see the contract for specifics.

Eligible expenses​: The fund allows for reimbursement of more costs connected to education than KP Tuition Reimbursement. Eligible expenses are listed, but include additional travel expenses, meals, childcare, organization membership fees, publications, licensure fees and educational material. 

Maximizing Funds: Employees seeking to maximize both benefits are encouraged to first use the KPNW TR funds for all eligible expenses ($3000, which includes up to $750 travel for Pro BU members).​  If your travel expenses are greater than $750, or your education requests in sum greater than $3,000.00 submit your request through KPTR first and then take the balance to the OFNHP Pro Ed fund request. Subtract the KPTR funds and include the corresponding KPTR application number with your OFNHP request. 



  1. For lodging: you have one night before an out-of-town training/educational event and each night of the event, including the night the event concludes. (Ex: A 3 day training would have 4 nights of lodging.) Timeline for meal or car rental reimbursements would be for the night prior, the days of the training and then the next morning after, while presumably traveling home. 
  2. If you extend your stay on either end, please only submit expenses for the number of days that coincide with the education.
  3. Meal receipts which are itemized are preferred.  If you have a tab that you shared with another, mark out their orders and write your total (with tip) on the receipt and submission form.

Important distinctions: Per the contract, employees need to submit expenses within 2 months of incurring the expense. This is different from the NW Tuition Reimbursement, which states within 3 months of completing the training. The contract does not stipulate which kinds of proof of payment are necessary. The contract does not stipulate which kind of professional education is required. Manager approval is not necessary for Pro Ed Fund requests. It is our ethical responsibility to assure we stay appropriately educated to maintain licensure. 


Decoding the paystub:

  • Non tax Tuition Reim  is from the KP Education Fund. Your usage is tracked when you log into KP Tuition Reimbursement (through HR Connect)
  • ACEducationFund NPP is your OFNHP Pro Ed fund usage
  • Education reflects the wages you have earned via education leave hours
  • Business Expenses Reimbursement is directly deposited, not on a pay schedule. The payor may be KP Financial SVC ACH.  (Typically expenses submitted through OneLink. For most of us, this would be the secondary license, if required.)

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