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Learn About How Our Union Works

OFNHP's Communications Committee is dedicated to created a series of informational documents to help educate our members on all facets of how unions work and how the different pieces of our organization functions. The project of union representation is a complex one, and it is not uncommon for new (and even experienced) members to have trouble figuring out where to start in their leadership journey or how to engage with the mechanisms of contract enforcement and union problem solving. That is why the committee is working on a long-term project of developing answers to these questions!

Below are a series of informational articles that will unpack different pieces of our union's structure and will grow as time goes on. If you are interested in seeing particular issues or union functions addressed, send your idea to

What is a Steward?

What are Weingarten Rights?

What is the Steward Delegate Assembly?

How Does Our Kaiser Partnership Work?

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