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Tech Unit TA 2021

We wanted to share with you what we think are the highlights of the Tech local contract's tentative agreement.

Things we protected:

  • Consecutive day pay remains as it was, no losses!
  • Techs can still take WOP (without pay days) management tried to take this language away
  • We protected our RIF (reduction in force) wording that has very strong protections for techs when Kaiser tries to eliminate jobs
  • Protected techs from having variable jobs being posted (they must list hours and days, so techs know what they are getting into)

Things we won!

  • Standby pay going up from $3.85 to $4.40
  • Coded floats will now have a $2.00 differential
  • We now have 3 education days instead of 2!
  • We already have a preceptor differential, but we added very strong language how to apply it creating a pathway to actually use it, which has been an issue in the past for many
  • We negotiated shuffle language to be added to the contract creating an easier pathway to post jobs and move internal candidates around - this will also help protect jobs from being lost by attrition

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