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Union of Healthcare Professionals Denounces Attack on Reproduction Healthcare

Nurses and healthcare professionals are united in opposition to the incoming ruling from the Supreme Court that they way would undermine healthcare efficacy and the rights of women and people experiencing pregnancy. 

PORTLAND, Ore. The Political Education and Action and Social Justice Committees of the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (AFT Local 5017), which represents almost 6,000 healthcare professionals in Oregon and Southwest Washington, are voicing their opposition to the SCOTUS ruling that was recently leaked to the press.“This decision, if implemented, will have ramifications that go far beyond the right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term,” says Nicole Brun-Cottan, a physical therapist and chair of the Political Education and Action Committee of the union. “Fundamentally this decision represents a grievous threat to the right to privacy and to bodily autonomy. It should be concerning not only to women and to people who become pregnant, but to anyone who values the freedom of self determination.”

As healthcare workers, the leaders of this union are concerned that this could undermine access to life-saving healthcare across the country and will increase stratification of services along lines of race, gender, and other marginalized identification. This attack on fundamental rights of care and would deepen many of the persistent health crises our country is facing. The members of these committees will be joining legislative, electoral, and community based solutions to support reproductive care access and to push against what they see as an attack on women and people who experience the healthcare condition of pregnancy. They are being joined by millions of other union members and healthcare professionals who are raising red flags about the effect this decision would have on public health, democratic rights, and gender equality in the U.S.

“This decision will disproportionately affect BIPOC communities and those who do not have the resources to travel to seek out healthcare across state lines. It is our role as healthcare workers to champion the right to access safe care for every citizen - regardless of their resources, or their geography,” says Brun-Cottan. “Make no mistake, lives are at stake, and lives will be lost if this decision stands.”

OFNHP’s Political Education and Action Committee is currently in the midst of endorsing political candidates that align with our mission; reproductive and healthcare justice is a top issue. Over the next several months our members will be mobilizing around these issues and all those that affect the lives of our members, our patients, and our surrounding community.


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