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RN Unit Tentative Agreement 2021

After months and months of bargaining, both our OFNHP RN local and Alliance national bargaining teams were able to reach tentative agreements on a new four-year contract!

With passion and conviction, our elected bargaining team defended our contract from takeaways, rejected a two-tier pay scale, and advanced our cause for better patient care at Kaiser in the Northwest.

When ratified by the membership, our new agreement will include:

  • No “Two-Tier” pay scales for new hires
  • A market-adjustment pay raise, in addition to the annual raise
  • Staffing Committees across the bargaining unit
  • The hospital committees to stay intact
  • Inpatient staffing standards at both hospitals, charge nurses in every patient unit
  • A commitment to hire positions instead of using travelers and overtime as a core staffing model in most hospital units, primary care, urgent care and more
  • No concessions to double time and consecutive day premiums
  • Increased shift differentials with Inpatient and Outpatient at the same rate
  • A new inpatient float pool differential
  • Reduced availability requirements for inpatient on-call staff
  • Elimination of redundant copays for lab and imaging
  • Lactation Consultant RN annual certification bonus
  • Workplace Safety improvements
  • U.S. citizenship application reimbursement and paid holiday for naturalization ceremony
  • Racial justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity enhancements

Our bargaining team is extremely proud of our agreement and look forward to sharing more details with you in town halls and ratification meetings to come.

Click Here to Read the Entire RN TA

We have some additional LOUs to share as well, which will impact the contract for RNs.

Primary Care Service Area Float Pool, Training, and Secondary Assignment Model LOU

Seniority Modification - Return to Bargaining Unit from another OFNHP Unit LOU

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