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ONA Tentative Agreement 2021

Your bargaining team is pleased to again state that we have only gains to report from our contract negotiations with our KPNW management team.

  1. Incentive pay has been agreed to improve to double time for all extra shifts agreed upon within 24 hours of shift start.
  2. Our ONA CA 51 education fund has been doubled in amount to $200 per person in a regular position. These funds may now also be utilized to defray the cost of certifications or recertifications.  
  3. Differential increases as follows:  Charge nurse to $3.00/hr, Evening shift to $3.00/hr, Night shift to $5.90/hr, Standby differential $4.75/hr.
  4. Together with the OFNHP RNs ONA CA 51 has also gained a local PNW pay bump of $2.50/hour at each wage step.  

Each of these gains (again no concessions or losses) will be in addition to those negotiated in the national agreement.  

A special thanks to the OFNHP RN bargaining team for our joint economics. Thank you also to our dedicated internal organizers, Sharon Culley and Christian Berk.

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Congratulations ONA CA 51.

In Solidarity,

Your ONA CA 51 Bargaining Team

  • Kathy Gibbens, RN
  • Matt Danielson, RN
  • Gina Castillo, RN
  • Rebecca Fabian, RN
  • Michael Curl, RN
  • Carolyn Fjelstad, RN

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