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We Did It! OFNHP, Alliance & Kaiser Reach Tentative Agreement

September 24, 2018 - Yesterday, the OFNHP Kaiser bargaining team announced a national tentative agreement between our Alliance of Health Care Unions and Kaiser Permanente.
When we set out to form a new Alliance and bring Kaiser to the table to negotiate a new national agreement with the same great benefits and protections, we faced an uphill battle. But it didn't phase us. We had faith in our collective power, and we continued to press for an agreement that would move us forward, not backward.
Because we organized and demonstrated our solidarity, we:
  • won strong across-the-board raises equal to California
  • safeguarded the pension for ourselves and future KP health professionals
  • preserved our “no-cancellation” rights
  • protected our industry-leading health benefits
  • maintained and improved our professional development funds
  • and secured a new LMP trust for our Alliance and a plan to get our Partnership back on track
We owe this historic agreement to our unprecedented member engagement throughout the contract campaign. 
From our bargaining petitions and "red up" solidarity days to picketing our hospitals and clinics, OFNHP members took a stand for our patients and professions–and our union will never be the same.
Our Alliance is preparing more detailed summaries of the national tentative agreement in advance of Saturday's Alliance Bargaining Delegate Conference, where the agreement will be presented for endorsement before ratification begins.
P.S. Unity Night, our annual social event, is coming! Save your seat today.

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