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Political Education and Action Committee Update: August 2022

Our Political Education and Action Committee (PEAC) has been hard at work building relationships with our political allies and setting up our endorsements for this year’s election! Below you will find some of the candidates that we have endorsed, and decisions were made by looking at each leader’s record and answers to important questions posed by colleagues across Oregon’s labor community. 

Below you will find some of the candidates that we have endorsed. Our decisions were made by reviewing each leader’s record on issues that affect our members, their responses to our candidate questionaires, and their responses during interviews

Candidates We Have Endorsed


  • Tina Kotek - Governor
  • Christina Stephenson - Labor Commissioner


  • Travis Nelson - 44th 
  • Hai Pham - 36th
  • Lisa Reynolds - 34th
  • Courtney Neron -26th

We are working on drafting legislation around a number of issues that are critical to our membership, including a paycheck protection bill. 

We are supporting various ballot initiatives, including those proposed by Healthcare for All Oregon and the Eviction Representation for All project, which seeks to ensure that tenants get an attorney to represent them in eviction court. We are also supporting legislation that would hold our elected representatives accountable to participate in the process. If you do not show up to vote, or try to stall the legislative process by vacating the state (and your responsibilities), you should not be eligible for re-election. We are additionally showing support for a new gun safety measure that will appear on the ballot this November. We have also raised reproductive justice as a key issue we are concerned with in the coming years, and we intend on being an active participant in the fight to maintain access to appropriate reproductive care.

We met with Ron Wyden’s office to discuss some of these issues. We also met with AFT national’s Healthcare Policy group and the political coordinators at AFL/CIO so that we can tie our organization more closely to those who are doing this work across the country.

If you are interested in joining PEAC, reach out to us to learn more at!

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