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OFNHP 2024 Candidates for Union Elections

The 2024 OFNHP election candidate nomination period ended on Friday Feb 16 and we are pleased to share with you the candidates you will be voting for this election cycle. Uncontested positions will not appear on your ballot as these candidates were the sole nominees for their position and will take office on March 28, 2024. You can scroll to the bottom of this message to see a list of uncontested positions.

Ballots should be arriving in your mailbox near the end of February. The Election Committee urges voters to please mail in your ballot no later than March 18 in order for it to be received by Ryder Elections for ballot processing and counting on Election Day March 21, 2024.

All voters will vote for officer and delegate positions but Bargaining Unit specific races will only appear for members of that Bargaining Unit.

As always please contact the Election Committee at with any questions or concerns, or visit Elections Central on the OFNHP website.

Below is a list of offices and positions and the candidates running for them:

Officer Positions-All Voters

Vice President

  1. Jonathon Baker
  2. Jeremy Gardner

Delegates-All Voters

AFL-CIO Delegate (12 positions available)

  1. Jonathon Baker
  2. Kellie Brewer
  3. Trevor Derrick
  4. Jamie Dobbs
  5. Nicholas Eng
  6. Joshua Holt
  7. Ann Felicia Lauritsen
  8. Krista Lehan
  9. Jerry Lemmons
  10. Jesse Meng
  11. April Milan
  12. Jewel Miller
  13. Kristen Rohde
  14. Shawna Ross
  15. Mindy Schiebler
  16. Damien Schlobohm
  17. Kristina Telanoff
  18. Vienna Wagstaff
  19. Hannah Winchester

RN Bargaining Unit- RN Bargaining unit voters only

RN Vice Chair (2 positions available)

  1. Mary Coffelt
  2. Luz Hedmann
  3. Michelle Jacobs
  4. Mindy Schiebler
  5. Kristina Telanoff

Below is a list of uncontested positions and the nominees who will be taking office on March 28, 2024:


  • Sarina Roher


  • Nicholas Eng


  • Joshua Holt

KP RN Bargaining Unit Chair

  • Mary “Katie” Johnson

KP Pro Chair

  • Hannah Winchester

KP Pro Vice Chair

  • Kristen Rohde

KP Tech Chair

  • Krista Lehan

KP Tech Vice Chair

  • Trevor Derrick

KP Registered Dental Hygienist Chair

  • Maarof Sadiq

KP LabPro Chair

  • Gina Mann

PHSW Tech Chair

  • Shawna Ross

PHSW Service & Maintenance Chair

  • Jodi Atteberry

St. Charles Tech Chair

  • Thomas Stewart

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