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Mid-Columbia Medical Techs Begin Voting on Their First Contract This Week

The Mid-Columbia Medical Center techs have just won a Tentative Agreement on their first union contract since voting to join the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals. This ia major step forward for these healthcare workers in their fight for healthcare and workplace justice and in changing the culture at Mid-Columbia.

Now they will need to vote on ratification, to turn the Tentative Agreement into a final Collective Bargaining Agreement. Voting will take place at in-person sessions where you can look at all the details of the new contract and ask any questions you would like about it. You will then cast a ballot on whether or not to ratify the contract. 

You can join us in Room One at Mid-Columbia Medical Center on March 2nd from 5-6pm, March 3rd from 7-8am, or March 4th from 8-9am to learn more and cast your ballot. 

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