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Mapping and Charting Session on October 12th

Our power analysis session on August 27th was an incredible success, and we learned how to put together powerful campaigns that can pressure our targets to change things in our workplaces and in the healthcare system as a whole. What comes next is the work of mapping and charting our workplaces, so we can better understand where we are already strong and where we need to build more solidarity. This will be held at our Tigard office on October 12th, starting at 6:00pm, and all members are invited to participate. 

We are inviting you to come to this session and, if possible, bring a co-worker and a list of all the staff in your department or worksite. We will train everyone on the process, and then set a plan to use the information we’ve gathered in the service of a campaign. This is the next step in what we started on August 27th, and a necessary piece to build up our ability to fight for change. This will help our members to know how to prepare their worksites for these issue campaigns and to fortify our connections when it comes to bargaining and the fight for safe staffing. A strike ready union is one skilled in the ability to map and chart our workplace connections, so let's build up our skills so we can fight for a more just future!

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