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A Letter to Striking ONA Nurses from the OFNHP RN Bargaining Unit

Dear Members of the Oregon Nurses Association,


As members of the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (OFNHP - AFT Local 5017), representing over 2,500 RNs in Oregon and SW Washington, as well as Nurse Practitioners and other healthcare professionals, we are writing to express our unwavering support for your Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strikes. The challenges and injustices you are facing resonate deeply with us, and we stand in solidarity with you during this critical time.


Healthcare professions demand not only our skill and dedication, but also a working environment that respects our rights and ensures our safety and well-being. It is disheartening to witness the conditions that have necessitated this strike, including the alleged Unfair Labor Practice violations committed by management, inadequate staffing, and insufficient compensation for the tireless work you perform daily.


Your fight is not just for the immediate improvements in your workplace, but also for the broader recognition of the value that nurses and healthcare professionals bring to our communities. It is a fight for fair treatment, respect, and dignity for all of us who support healthy communities.


At OFNHP, we understand the power of unity and collective action. We know that it is through our shared efforts and mutual aid that we can achieve meaningful change. We commend your courage and determination to stand up for what is right, and we pledge our support in every way possible, whether through spreading awareness, joining picket lines, or providing other forms of assistance.


We believe that your struggle is just and necessary, and we are confident that your perseverance will lead to positive outcomes. Please know that you are not alone in this fight. We will be with you every step of the way, standing together as one voice for justice, equity, and respect in the workplace.


In solidarity,


  • Katie Johnson, BSN, RN, AMB-BC, CHFM 
  • Mary Coffelt, BSN, RN-C
  • Mindy Schiebler, MN, PMGC N-Ed, BSN, RN

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