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KSMC Solidarity Update 7/2/14

KSMC Solidarity Update 7/2/14

With the support of our ONFHP members at Sunnyside Hospital, our solidarity team was back at the negotiating table with Kaiser management today. In attendance were Scott Allan from HR, regional CFO Karen Schartman, and Hospital CFO Justin Evander to answer questions about the financial implications of these negotiations.

Management delivered their latest proposal, which increases the amount of Resource RN hours. Furthermore, their proposal states, “All PCU-acuity level patients will be supported at a 3:1 ratio.” 

These renewed negotiations resulted from a series of meetings called at Kaiser’s request between Kaiser Northwest’s senior regional management and OFNHP President Dawnette McCloud, Executive Director Edward Burke, and Coalition National Coordinator Kate Pingo to explore options to bring closure to these negotiations.

In addition to exploring next steps in resolving these negotiations, Dawnette McCloud is working with Kaiser Northwest President Andy McCulloch and Susan Mullaney, Vice President of Hospital Operations, to determine concrete steps to rebuild trust between OFNHP care givers and top KP management as we prepare to work together in partnership to improve working conditions, patient care, and affordability.

The solidarity team met all day to discuss management's proposal and prepare a response.

In Unity,

Your Solidarity team

Abigail Springer

Amanda Gross

Anne Fraver

Christobal Mozingo

Dan Georgeson

Dawnette McCloud

Dory Schutte

Edward Burke

Jan Dozier

Jeff Carr

Katherine Schmidt

Meg McGowan-Tuttle

Misty Richards

Morgan Luke

Nancy Vrlicak

Robin Dailey

Ron Jones

Jamie Dawson

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