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Kaiser Contract Wins - June 2018

OFNHP members at KPNW won important agreements in Continuing Care Services, Urgent Care, and Emergency Psychiatric Services in June.  Take a look at how our departmental bargaining teams were able to improve the conditions for OFNHP members and their patients. 

Emergency Psychiatric Services

OFNHP members in Emergency Psychiatric Services led an organizing campaign for equitable premium pay that included moving a petition signed by every doctor in the department demanding equitable incentive pay for our salaried EPS members. Wednesday, their Stewards, Jenny and Dylan, reached a tentative agreement with KP management that eliminated the need for Standby while creating several increases to incentive pay for OFNHP members in the department: The improvements include the following:

  • The elimination of standby for all members of the department
  • Increasing overtime incentive from zero to $20.00 per hour (near time-and-a-half) for day and swing and an additional $35.00 per hour for night shift (Just below double time)
  • For Emergent Sick Call the group went from no overtime incentive to $40.00 per hour for NOC shift Sick call and $20.00 per hour for all other emergent sick call, even if it is not overtime.

This is a big step for many pros who receive no hourly pay premiums for work outside their scheduled hours.

Continuing Care Services

OFNHP and SEIU members in Home Health have been pushing back on management’s speed up tactics. On Wednesday, June 27, their united bargaining team reached an agreement with management that got Kaiser to back off from their harshest productivity proposals and won schedule template bargaining to protect rest periods and time for meetings.

Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Centers are going to see some much needed relief this summer with a temporary agreement that incentivizes nurses to pick up double time shifts while onboarding of new staff can take place and establishes core staffing for the duration of the agreement.  Improved on last year's urgent care agreement, management has agreed to allow nurses from other departments to train into the UCCs for four hours at straight or overtime through the end of the year. 

Once trained, staff are eligible for the double-time incentive for shifts above their coded hours up to the core staffing level while the agreement is in place. 

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