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How We Can Support Coalition of Healthcare Workers Heading Out on Strike

The Coalition is going on strike, what do I need to know as a union sibling at Kaiser?

OFNHP stands in solidarity with striking workers and has provided Kaiser with notice of our intent to participate in concerted activities including informational picketing. Our members have different restrictions depending on their CBAs, and we want to make sure everyone can confidently show their support for their coworkers following the below guidelines.

Can we engage in a sympathy strike?

No, our contracts are in place until 2025, we cannot strike or otherwise stop our own work. We can show support at rallies, by wearing buttons or stickers, and most members can join pickets.

Who can join Coalition picket lines?

Members of the Registered Dental Hygienists, Pros, Lab Pros, and OFNHP RN bargaining units may join picket lines so long as they are not on shift or are on break/lunch.  Your CBAs prohibit suspension of your own work, so no ditching your own duties. Members of the Tech and ONA RN bargaining units may not join picket lines.  

Your CBAs prohibit inciting, encouraging, or participating in strikes, walkouts, slowdowns, pickets, or other work stoppages. If there is a rally or other event where you would not be holding a picket sign, meaning a sign on a stick or stake, you may attend when not on shift. Management may give you grief about “encouraging” the strike, but the strike was already voted on, and supporting your coworkers is protected speech. If you aren’t encouraging folks still under contracts that they should engage in a work stoppage, you are not subject to discipline.

What about work usually done by Coalition members?

While Coalition members are on strike, management will likely ask members of other unions to take on their responsibilities, or have managers do their work.  This may violate their Coalition CBAs.  It also may not be safe or appropriate, depending on the task and staffing.  Ask the manager to clarify – are they directing you to do this task?  Would you face discipline if you did not do the task?  If you would face discipline, do the task.  Get this in writing if you can, or document the date, time, task, and manager – provide this information to your unit leadership or submit an ADO (Assignment Despite Objection).

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