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First Total Health Payout Coming Soon

Great news for all OFNHP members. In December, union members in our NW region reached the Total Health Assessment goal that our Coalition of Unions bargained in the last round of negotiations. Total Health is an important part of our strategy to protect our fully paid health care benefits. To achieve the $150 incentive payout, 75% of union members needed to participate in the Total Health Assessment by the end of the year. By December, we reached 81%. That means each OFNHP member will receive a $150 payout on their checks no later than February 28th
More important than the payout is how our participation in the Total Health Incentive Plan could impact National Bargaining this spring. As a large membership group in the Kaiser system, collective improvement in our health will reduce our utilization in doctors visits, hospitalization rates, and prescription usage. Reducing utilization brings down the cost of insuring our group without us having to pay more out of pocket for our benefits.
By meeting our regional goal for the online THA questionnaire—the first of three benchmarks in the Total Health Incentive Plan—we send our bargaining team into negotiations this spring with a high completion rate and evidence to management that we are committed to protecting our benefits by improving our health. 
The next incentive payout will be in September if our biometric screenings are up to date. You can read more about the next steps here:

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