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Donate to the PeaceHealth Workers Strike Fund!

1300 healthcare professionals at PeaceHealth, represented by the Oregon Federation of Nursing and Health Professionals (OFNHP, AFT 5017) have authorized a strike! Members are striking to demand that PeaceHealth management do what is best for our frontline healthcare workers and our patients. These healthcare workers saved lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, and highly paid executives are refusing to offer viable wages that will stabilize our hospital. Donating is the best ways to support these workers as they fight for the future of healthcare. Your generous contribution will be used for those in absolute emergencies brought on by a potentially missed paycheck.

PeaceHealth workers are striking over:

Living Wages - Safe Staffing - Respect

Management is refusing to agree to common sense proposals to fix our staffing crisis and bring the Tech, Service & Maintenance, and Lab Professional Units up to a living wage for our region. Instead, management has engaged in bad faith bargaining, canceled bargaining sessions and provided insulting offers.

This is why our members are striking: to push management to put patients and staff first. In response management is promising to cut off members' health insurance, is paying strike breakers $8,000 a week, and are refusing to bargain any longer. The majority of those striking are low wage workers.

You can help them by donating to the OFNHP hardship fund and leaving a message of support.

Members out on strike often experience immediate financial strain. As a result, we are accepting donations to the OFNHP Cares - Member Hardship Relief Fund to support our siblings in need. A committee has been formed to review grant applications and authorize distribution of funds.

While we are grateful for community support and that of our brothers and sisters in labor, we will not accept any financial support from employers, employer-sided labor relations experts, advisers or consultants, nor will we accept any contributions from anyone who is an agent of an employer or who is acting in the interest of an employer. Contributions from such individuals will not be accepted through this platform. For any questions concerning the source of contributions, please contact the sponsor of this page.

Click Here to Donate to the Strike Fund

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