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Donate to the Oregon Kaiser Worker Srike Fund

Winning a fair contract is hard. Sustaining that contract is hard. That contract is an organic document that demands sacrifice and consistency, it demands care, purpose, and action over a long period of time. A very long period of time!

Kaiser publicly praised us as heroic and essential in the early days of the COVID pandemic, but today we are called heretics not heroes for simply asking for a fair and equitable contract.

Staffing shortages, unsustainable wage structures, economic anxiety, less benefits, unfair labor practices – that is what Kaiser is offering its employees today.

Kaiser executives seems to think that the rising gap between the astronomical profits they are making and the portion they’re willing to share with their workers is a okay.

As the great philosopher Yoda once said; "In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side." These executives are being lured by dark side of profiteering, but..

..workers are standing up!

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