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2022 Endorsements

The OFNHP Political Education and Action Committee (PEAC) has been hard at work building and securing relationships with our political allies. Over the past several months, numerous candidates have been interviewed by PEAC for endorsement. Each candidate was uniquely questioned to determine their stance on many important issues facing healthcare in our region. Below are all candidates that have all demonstrated a commitment to organized labor and willing to work with OFNHP (as well as our allied unions) to improve the health of the citizens we serve, the working conditions of healthcare workers across the region, and how healthcare is both managed and delivered. Many of these candidates are in fact already working with us to draft legislation in these areas!

Candidates We Have Endorsed

Oregon State Offices

·      Tina Kotek – Governor

·      Christina Stephenson – Labor Commissioner

Oregon House Representatives

·      Courtney Neron – 26th District

·      Darcia Grayber – 28th District

·      Lisa Reynolds – 34th District

·      Hai Pham – 36th District

·      Rob Nosse – 42nd District

·      Travis Nelson – 44th District

·      Ricki Ruiz – 50th District

Washington House Representatives

·      Teri Niles – 17th District Seat 1

·      Duncan Camacho – 18th District Seat 2

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