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Expansion of Overtime

President Obama and the US Department of Labor unveiled new rules today that will make millions more people eligible to receive overtime pay. The new rules reflect a nation-wide effort spearheaded by the AFL-CIO, including gathering 25,000 signatures on a petition calling for overtime expansion.

For years, AFT members have fought and organized with their communities to ensure people are paid a fair wage for hours worked. The U.S. Department of Labor's new overtime rule moves us a step closer to that goal, AFT President Randi Weingarten says.

"This new rule will deliver justice to millions of working families who devote a huge part of their lives to their professions," Weingarten says. "For thousands of AFT members who work long hours for their patients and students without receiving fair overtime, including public employees, nurses, and administrative workers in schools and colleges, their pay will finally reflect their hard work.

"Every day, millions of working people are logging longer hours but still struggling to make ends meet. This rule change will help American families, and we applaud the administration for taking this important step."

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