OFNHP is Bringing the Staffing Crisis to the Oregon Legislature

OFNHP is bringing our collective voice to Salem to advocate for the interests of healthcare workers and the people we serve. In the middle our state of emergency, the Oregon Association Health and Hospital Systems (OAHHS) had the hubris to state in an open hearing that it is their intent to attempt to repeal the 2015 RN staffing law. They want to eliminate what limited protections we have for staffing in our hospitals.

Randi Weingarten Send Message of Support and Demands Safe Staffing at Kaiser [VIDEO]

President of the American Federation of Teachers, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals (AFT), Randi Weingarten, has joined the chorus of voices in support of OFNHP's recent picket at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center, saying that the time has come for Kaiser, and all healthcare employers, to ensure safe staffing for their healthcare professionals and patient.

OFNHP Issues a Demand to Bargain Over Emergency Conditions at Kaiser

As of 5:15 on January 10th, the President of Oregon Federation of Nurses and Healthcare Professionals (OFNHP), Jonathon Baker, filed a "demand to bargain" setting the expectation that Kaiser Permanente negotiates with our Bargaining Unit leaders over the impacts of the recent situation with our members.

Jonathon has issued this statement upon the filing of the "demand to bargaing":