Kaiser Contract Wins - June 2018

OFNHP members at KPNW won important agreements in Continuing Care Services, Urgent Care, and Emergency Psychiatric Services in June.  Take a look at how our departmental bargaining teams were able to improve the conditions for OFNHP members and their patients. 

The Supreme Court just joined the corporate attack on working people

The US Supreme Court announced its decision in the Janus v. AFSCME case on Wednesday morning, a ruling that forces the entire public sector across the country into so-called “right-to-work.”
This case is just one more heavy-handed attempt--backed by billionaire corporate extremists like the Koch Brothers--to destroy the freedom of working people to stand together in unions. But the truth is that working people aren’t fooled.

July 6 - Kaiser Bargaining Rallies

6:30-7:30 am at KSMC   •    Noon at Interstate   •   6:30-7:30 pm at KWMC
It's the eleventh-hour with our Alliance's Coordinated Bargaining. There are big proposals on the table. Management wants take-aways like our no-cancellation policy and two-tier retirement benefits. Join the rallies on July 6 to show management that our contracts matter, and that we are serious about advancing our priorities! Bring your co-workers, family, friends, and neighbors! Wear all of your RED! 

PeaceHealth St John Lab Bargaining Kicks Off

OFNHP members at PeaceHealth St John Medical Center in Longview kicked off contract bargaining on Tuesday, May 22. The lab workers elected a bargaining committee with representatives from each shift, aiming to negotiate a fair wage scale and safe staffing levels. Negotiations resume June 4. Stay tuned for ways to show our OFNHP-wide support for this campaign.

PHSW Stewards Win Large Backpay Award

OFNHP stewards are at it again--enforcing our contracts to protect our hard-won wages and benefits! For the last two years, PeaceHealth has incorrectly calculated PTO by not including evening and night shift differentials in the pay. Stewards grieved the issue and prevailed, returning over $200,000 to the pockets of our members! Thanks to the perseverance of our stewards, management has fixed their practice, and more than 550 members who got short-changed will see backpay on their next paycheck!

Growing Our Union at PeaceHealth!

On May 29, the Surgical Support Aides and the Rad Tech Student Coordinator at PHSW voted to join OFNHP! They join nearly 1500 OFNHP members working in the PeaceHealth system in the Northwest.
What makes this possible? Part of the dues we contribute as union members goes to supporting non-union workers who want to join with us. It's how we continue to build strength in our industry for better contracts!