PHSW Members Give Back

Going into the holiday season, the shelves were almost bare in PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center's Dove Pantry–an onsite food pantry for hospital employees. In December, OFNHP President Adrienne Enghouse challenged the steward council to do something about it.

OFNHP steward and Ultrasound Tech Shawna Ross stepped up to lead the project, spreading the word about the donation drive throughout the month of January. Through Facebook posts, flyers, break room visits, and social networks, stewards advertised the drive and collected over 500 lbs of food and supplies.

On January 31, volunteers met to package items–making sure each one had a union sticker–before delivering the items to the pantry and organizing the shelves.

Kaiser PSP

The PSP scorecard results are in! Congratulations to OFNHP members of the Alliance of Health Care Unions for your amazing work to improve quality, efficiency, and affordability at Kaiser! Look for your bonus on your final paycheck in March!

How much will my incentive payout be?

Members in Inpatient will receive 108.8% of the 3% target (approximately 3.26% of 2019 compensated hours*).

Members in Outpatient will receive 88.8% of the 3% target (approximately 2.66% of 2019 compensated hours*).

Our Alliance of Healthcare Unions is Growing!

Another group of RNs and Professionals has joined the Alliance! The Hawaii Nurses and Healthcare Professionals (HNHP) spent a year overcoming a series of hurdles to allow them to join the Alliance. This victory strengthens us as we prepare to bargain a year from now.

“With the Alliance in our corner, we are more ready than ever to forge ahead with bringing about the promises of transparency, education, member engagement, democracy, member rights, and patient safety that we all campaigned on,” said HNHP Interim President Maureen Meehan-Golonka.

The Heartbeat is Back!

OFNHP's quarterly newsletter, The Heartbeat, is back with a brand new edition! Download the December 2019 issue here.

In this issue:

•    Our new headquarters
•    The union difference
•    New bargaining units
•    PeaceHealth news
•    Kaiser news
•    Political action update
•    Weingarten rights
•    Steward summit
•    2020 officer elections
•    Workplace violence bill

New Benefits for Alliance Members in 2020-21

In 2018 negotiations, the Alliance continued the protection and improvement of key benefits that have been part of every national agreement since 2000. Download flyers summarizing benefits for Alliance members in the Northwest.

Know the Rules During Inclement Weather Events

We've entered the time of year when some facilities may close due to inclement weather or when some of us may be unable to report to work due to hazardous road conditions. It's a good idea to review your employer's policy regarding inclement weather situations.