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Protect yourself, your family, and patients from the flu today!

A Joint Labor-Management Partnership agreement and Influenza Vaccination/Masking Policy requires all Kaiser Permanente Northwest employees to get an annual flu shot or, if they decline, wear a mask in patient care areas after the mask-on date is announced. The mask-on date will be announced once the flu season has been declared, which could happen at any time.

Dave Henrichsen, RN

I have worked as an RN for Kaiser Permanente for 21 years in the outpatient arena. I worked as a back office RN, Team Lead, Hospice Nurse, Nurse Treatment Center RN and as the Primary Care Labor partner for the past 5 years. While in the clinic I was a steward for over 10 years representing all the OFNHP members in my clinic, and Serving on the PIA team.