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Specialty Care Labor Partner Candidates 2022

Below are the statements provided by each candidate for the Specialty Care Labor Partner nomination for 2022. Please read through them to learn more about the candidates, and then vote through the secure email that only members of Specialty Care departments at Kaiser Permanente will receive. 


Angie Johnson

Protect yourself, your family, and patients from the flu today!

A Joint Labor-Management Partnership agreement and Influenza Vaccination/Masking Policy requires all Kaiser Permanente Northwest employees to get an annual flu shot or, if they decline, wear a mask in patient care areas after the mask-on date is announced. The mask-on date will be announced once the flu season has been declared, which could happen at any time.

Dave Henrichsen, RN

I have worked as an RN for Kaiser Permanente for 21 years in the outpatient arena. I worked as a back office RN, Team Lead, Hospice Nurse, Nurse Treatment Center RN and as the Primary Care Labor partner for the past 5 years. While in the clinic I was a steward for over 10 years representing all the OFNHP members in my clinic, and Serving on the PIA team.