Zoom-In: Local PPE Production Now!

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COVID-19 cases are spiking across the country, but due to alarming inaction at all levels of government, our communities are no more prepared now than we were three months ago. Hospitals and clinics are once again scrambling for crucial supplies like respirators, masks, gowns, and gloves–with potentially dangerous consequences.

Healthcare workers should not have to choose between our health and our livelihoods! Fortunately, there is an alternative. We can revive America's manufacturing base to produce what we need to fight this pandemic–and we don't have to wait for action from Trump and the federal government.

Shuttered paper mills and processing plants in the Northwest can be retooled to ramp up PPE production while providing good, union jobs in rural communities devastated by the economic downturn.

Governor Brown has the power to kick-start local PPE production now, but it's going to take serious, grassroots pressure to make that happen.

Join our video teach-in for supporters on Monday, August 3, at 6:30 pm to learn more about our campaign and get involved!

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Brenner, Economist and Instructor, Labor Education and Research Center
  • Greg Pallesen, President, Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers
  • Jess Campbell, Executive Director, Rural Organizing Project

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