Temporary Remote Work and Activity RX

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We recommend that those who meet the Activity RX criteria get this done ASAP. Employees who meet the criteria for the Temporary Remote Work (TRW) option, should pursue that with their manager.


Over the weekend, KP managers received guidance from [HR/Senior Leadership] on how to facilitate “Temporary Remote Work” assignments where appropriate during this period of social distancing required to slow the spread of COVID 19.

Please review this FAQ page that Kaiser produced for managers and employees.

Per the guidance documents provided to managers, this is what we know about Phase 1 of the effort.


Eligibility Criteria for TRW:

You may be eligible for TRW if your manager approves it, and you meet the following:

  • Your role does not require in-person member contact or is otherwise eligible for TRW.

  • You have access to KP assets, have secure remote access, and can effectively and safely perform your work from the remote location.

  • You can effectively complete your duties and performance standards to the expectations of the department and manager.

In the next phase of processing Temporary Remote Work assignments, Kaiser will be facilitating TRW for employees who do not currently meet the requirements, not having a KP-issued laptop, for example. If you do not meet the above criteria, please notify your manager of your interest in TRW in a later phase of the rollout.


How to ask for TRW:

You are instructed to requested email your manager to request permission and confirming or requesting access to KP assets, confirming or requesting secure remote access, as well as confirming that a safe workspace is available to you in a remote location.

Please copy covid19@ofnhp.org and your steward on your email request to your manager.

If approved, there is an agreement that you and your manager must sign.

TRW can start once your manager has approved this in writing and you have the equipment, secure remote access, and the appropriate remote workspace.


In a policy published on 3/11/20, Kaiser has issued instructions for employees who meet high-risk criteria due to certain chronic medical conditions to get an Activity RX from their doctor for a transitional work assignment accommodation.

Qualifying chronic conditions include BUT ARE NOT limited to:

  • Immunosuppressed/immunocompromised -Cancer chemotherapy, transplant meds, DMARDs (disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, example Enbrel), biologics (ex Humira), corticosteroids (asthma inhalers ex QVAR, prednisone)

  • Inherited immune deficiencies

  • Severe chronic lung disease (Cystic fibrosis)

Employees who believe they fit into these categories should get in touch with their treating clinician via telephone appointment, message through, etc., to get an Activity RX and get this document to their manager ASAP.  

We recommend any employee in those categories should ask for the Activity RX to be placed in their medical record.