The Supreme Court just joined the corporate attack on working people

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The US Supreme Court announced its decision in the Janus v. AFSCME case on Wednesday morning, a ruling that forces the entire public sector across the country into so-called “right-to-work.”
This case is just one more heavy-handed attempt--backed by billionaire corporate extremists like the Koch Brothers--to destroy the freedom of working people to stand together in unions. But the truth is that working people aren’t fooled.
Union membership is on the rise in the NW, and because of our strong unions, we’ve recently won a livable minimum wage and paid sick days for all.  
In the last two years, OFNHP’s membership has grown by 25%, as more healthcare workers choose to join together for our patients and our professions.
That's because only through the power of a union can we negotiate with our bosses for good wages, decent benefits, and safe working conditions for caregivers and patients.
As private-sector healthcare workers, our OFNHP union dues and "fair share" fees will remain unchanged after today’s ruling. This decision will not deter us from negotiating great contracts and advocating for our patients.
But we can’t let this attack slide because we aren’t ourselves in the cross-hairs.

Here's what you can do to show we won't sit quietly:

We are one labor movement, and we can show our solidarity with teachers, firefighters, and public sector healthcare workers by echoing their united response in the face of today's ruling: “WE ARE UNION STRONG!”
Take a moment to share this graphic on social media using the #UnionStrong hashtag or share a story about how being part of a union and having a union contract changed your life and tag @Oregon FNHP.