PRO Education Benefits

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The Kaiser Tuition Program

Historically, the KP Tuition Reimbursement Program has offered financial reimbursement for tuition and book expenses, up to a maximum of $600 per calendar year for approved continuing education that contributes to the improvement of their current function or enhances potential for career advancement at Kaiser Permanente.

In 2015, the dollar amount for the Kaiser Tuition Reimbursement Program increased to $3000, and in 2018 the limit for lodging and transportation expenses associated with CEU activities increased to $750. This includes full and part-time employees.

Please note: the upgraded Tuition Reimbursement Program has no prepayment option.

Submit for Kaiser Tuition Reimbursement through MyHR. Click Education Assistance/Tuition Reimbursement. Then Apply for Tuition Reimbursement. Call the 813-4005 hr/ed line if you need support. The plan administrator will review your documents within 1–2 weeks of submission. 

It is your responsibility to read and know your policy, posted on My HR. If you or your manager have any questions regarding the eligibility of your education plans for tuition reimbursement, please call or email before attending your course or program. 

Scan or email your documents (receipts, invoices, certificates of attendance, etc.) as prompted.

You can see your application status on the education assistance page using the application status button, and that may save you some time, if you are missing documents or your manager has not approved


  1. Make sure your manager has approved it. 

  2. Make sure all the required documents are in both the education and travel applications.

  3. You can always send an email to for help or info.


The OFNHP Professional Bargaining Education Reimbursement Fund

Submit for reimbursement from the PRO Ed Fund using the PRO Education Fund Reimbursement Expense Form.

Reimbursements may be requested for tuition, CEU-related travel expenses, accommodations, childcare, and meals. You may also submit for reimbursement for your primary license fees.


For questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Pro Ed Fund Committee:

Labor members:

Ann M Augustine
Ute Kongsbak  
Eileen M Sparks  

Residual Department/Speaker Fund

The LMP Pro Ed Fund Committee for the OFNHP Professional Unit has created Departmental Funding for Guest Speakers or Large Forum Seminars from the OFNHP Pro Residual Fund. 

Funds are available to the first 20 applicants during 2018. They will be considered on a first come first serve basis. The current limit for submission is $15,000.00. 

Things to consider when applying for the departmental residual fund:

  • Complete the application by filling out the 2018 Residual Fund Speaker Application entirely before sending to Ed Fund Committee.
  • The more filled out it is, the sooner you can expect an affirmative response
  • Look into a room large enough for your audience. Remember that KP facilities are available at no charge, but may be difficult to reserve due to high usage,
  • Research catering orders and pricing to include in the application
  • Organizing an event can take some time, so you may want to enlist team member’s help