Kaiser PTs & OTs win negotiate more charting time!

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Click here to read the negotiated agreement.

'This LOU is the culmination of many months’ (nearly a year!) worth of work from a team of physical therapists and occupational therapists.

It includes some major victories for providing better patient care through maintaining the number of appointments available throughout each week, while allowing for some increased opportunities to incorporate video and telephone appointment types into our practice, all while increasing the average “Call Back Time” (aka CBT or “charting time”) from 200 minutes per week up to 300 minutes per week!

These new schedule templates will help maintain our current patient access to appointments through assuring no net loss of appointment availability and allows us to better capture some of the work we are already doing through the use of scheduled telephone appointments.

Restoring our CBT to an average of 300 minutes per week also allows us more dedicated time to complete our charting, correspond with other providers to coordinate patient care, and to attend to the “work creep” duties that are asked of us, much of which we have been forced to do by working though our breaks, lunches, and working outside of our coded hours.

-- Jeff Markovics, Occupational Therapist at Kaiser Central Interstate