Kaiser PSP

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Our Kaiser PSP bonuses are on the way!

The PSP scorecard results are in. Congratulations to OFNHP members of the Alliance of Health Care Unions for your amazing work to improve quality, efficiency, and affordability at Kaiser! Look for your bonus on your final paycheck in March.

Why do we get the PSP?
We bargained the Performance Sharing Program in our National Agreement between the Alliance of Health Care Unions and Kaiser Permanente. It's how we as frontline caregivers are able to share financially in KP's success. Next year, our union will join with the rest of our Alliance partners to negotiate our new National Agreement with Kaiser. The PSP is just one example of what we can achieve by working together in solidarity.

How much will my incentive payout be?
Members in Inpatient will receive 108.8% of the 3% target (approximately 3.26% of 2019 compensated hours*).
Members in Ambulatory Care will receive 88.8% of the 3% target (approximately 2.66% of 2019 compensated hours*).

*Up to 1800 hours for this calculation