Help is on the way to Urgent Care!

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On July 13th we reached our first agreement with management to improve staffing in the Urgent Care Centers by offering a double-time incentive for any extra shifts worked between Friday, July 14th and Saturday, August 26th.

According to the agreement, double-time will be offered at all UCCs until there are three RNs staffed, except for Longview-Kelso where double-time will be offered to ensure one RN is on staff during the week and two on weekends. We also committed to ongoing conversations with senior management to develop more permanent core staffing guidelines for the UCCs.

In the course of 9 hours of bargaining, your stories made this crisis real for senior administration. The solidarity you showed by wearing stickers on Wednesday gave us power to negotiate this agreement.

IMAGE: Sticker Day Collage

Our team will be meeting with management again soon to talk about other departments that have been hit especially hard by the short-staffing brought on by the LPN scope of practice issue.

As we prepare to meet with management again, we need your help in identifying which departments we need to focus on next.

We need you to fill out OFNHP's new, web-based Assignment Despite Objection form so that we know where the LPN scope of practice issues are hitting the hardest.

The bargaining team will be reviewing all outpatient ADOs coming from the clinics and RAN.

Please remember this is just the beginning of the conversation, not the end. We have to keep up the pressure and to do that, we need to hear from you.

In Unity,

Tena Starkel, CPK Urgent Care
Nicole Whitmire, CPK Nurse Treatment Room
Tiffani Martin, North Service Area float pool
Jenny Kirkendall, RKW Team-based care
Tangie Huggins, WIN ACC
Samantha Owens, CEC Ophthalmology
Sandra Stringer, RAN
Misty Richards, SMC
Joshua Holt, WMC