History made: Seattle OKs secure scheduling

Seattle workers are once again breaking new ground by establishing a new principle: that everyone should know when they’re going to work and how many hours they’re going to get.

By a unanimous 9-0 vote Monday afternoon, Seattle made labor history once again by passing secure scheduling — the first new labor standard to address weekly work schedules since overtime pay became law in the 1930s.


Support Nurses Striking in Minnesota!

Our brothers and sisters at the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) are on strike yet again after another round of contract talks broke down with Allina Health in the Twin Cities.

Over 4,000 nurses at five Allina hospitals will hold the picket lines as long as it takes to reach a fair contract that preserves the benefits they’ve earned and addresses important issues of patient and nurse safety.


Recommendations for Election Day

We support candidates who will go to work for working people. These candidates have earned our endorsement with their positions on ensuring access to quality health care, safe staffing, protecting the rights of healthcare professionals to advocate for our patients and ourselves, and raising the standard of living for all working people.

Our endorsed candidates are supporting us. Now is the time for us to support them.


Advanced Steward Training

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