Washington Candidate Endorsements

Join OFNHP’s member-led Political Education and Action Committee (PEAC) to discuss how Washington candidates stack up on the issues that matter most to us–like healthcare and collective bargaining rights for working people.

On August 25th OFNHP members will review and discuss questionnaire responses received from the candidates and make recommendations about which candidates deserve our endorsement.


Recommendations for the November Election

We support candidates who will go to work for working people.

These candidates have earned our endorsement with their positions on ensuring access to quality health care, safe staffing, protecting the rights of healthcare professionals to advocate for our patients and ourselves, and raising the standard of living for all working people.  

Our endorsed candidates are supporting us. Now is the time for us to support them. 


Non-tenure faculty form union, strike, and win.

Two years ago, the full-time nontenure-track faculty at the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign looked around and saw they needed a union to
fight for better working and learning conditions. So they voted "union, yes!"
and then dove into contract negotiations. Eighteen months later, when
negotiations had stalled, they went on strike. And it worked.


2016 OFNHP Membership Assembly

The special membership meeting in May included nearly 100 OFNHP members from across the region. Together members rolled up their sleeves to put into practice our union’s top priority for 2016: building workplace power to improve our working conditions and our patients’ care. 


2016 Dues Update

In accordance with OFNHP local bylaws, our union dues adjust automatically every year. OFNHP union dues are 1.4% of all straight time earnings up to a cap that increases by 4% annually on July 1st.  

This July, the following changes will occur:

1. The monthly cap is going up 4%.
2. The monthly $3 flat fee is ending. 
3. Dues will be deducted in every pay period, rather than skipping the third paycheck of the month.